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It was my husbands birthday this week and as always, a camping trip is number one on his list of things to do. Its a really good thing I enjoy camping! I like it even more since moving to utah. It is just so beautiful here.

Camping with my husband usually goes as follows: He picks a general area and then we just drive. No exact destination planned. We drive until we find something that looks appealing to us. Years ago, this was a totally different experience. We used to be pretty legit campers in that we would just pull off any random dirt road and camp without the “luxuries” of a designated campground. No bathrooms. No tables. No cement fire pits or grills. Just us and nature. My oldest son got to experience this which has turned him into a pretty bad A camper!

Now that we have 3 kids, one that is only 2.5 months old, I was not as excited to rough it! So when we stumbled upon Lodgepole Campground on our drive through Uinta National forest, I was, shall we say, a very happy camper! The second we entered I could tell that this place was well kept and clean. The cleanest campground I have ever seen. It was gorgeous. Each site had a paved area with a fire pit, a grill, a table and a paved parking space. Many campgrounds I have been to cram each site on top of the other so you feel like you have zero privacy. This place was spaced out with each site having plenty of room and there were restrooms every few sites so you didn’t have to walk a mile to go the bathroom (these bathrooms also had working toilets!! REAL TOILETS!! AND A SINK! major bonus!!). The bathrooms were just as clean as everything else. Not to mention that your surroundings are just absolutely breathtaking.

IMG_6362 IMG_1286

I had some reservations about camping with our newborn but I was prepared and packed everything that I thought I could possibly need (we were only staying one night). I also had to pack for my toddler. My 12 year old thankfully now packs for himself. Here are my lists for the babes:

Newborn camping needs

  • More diapers than I would ever use
  • More wipes than I would ever use
  • A million blankets (lightweight and heavy) really just 2 of each
  • Multiple outfits (long and short sleeved onesie, pants, jackets, one piece pajamas, socks)
  • boppy
  • pacifiers
  • bottles
  • 2 hats. one for nighttime and one sun hat
  • burp cloths

Toddler needs

  • Diapers
  • a few clothing options (t shirt, long sleeves, fleece pants, shorts, bathing suit in case we camp near water,warm pajamas, hats, multiple pairs of socks, sneakers and sandals, jacket)
  • pillow from home
  • favorite blanket
  • pacifiers
  • cups

Other things I always bring

  • benedryl!! (my oldest once fell into a bush within 5 minutes of us getting to camp and immediately started itching and his skin bubbled., I now always bring this with us)
  • first aid kit
  • plenty of water
  • towels

Once we saw the place we selected our site and immediately set up camp. I placed blankets out on the table to serve as my changing table and also set up a little sitting area in my trunk in case i wanted to bring the baby in from the open air.

IMG_6314 IMG_6327 (1)

My husband set up our tent and the older boys helped him collect wood for the fire

IMG_6331 IMG_6330 IMG_6337 IMG_6318

When the set up was done, we took a walk to check out the rest of the campground and some of the hiking trails.

IMG_1228 IMG_1283 IMG_1236 IMG_1287

Once the sun went down we settled in, ate dinner, made s’mores and sat around the fire until it was time to head into our tent, snuggle into our sleeping bags and go to sleep.

IMG_6348 IMG_6347 IMG_1315

It got pretty cold in the middle of the night. Lucky for me, my husband knows what he is doing when it comes to purchasing camping gear and bought each of us a mummy sleeping bag. They are so warm and you can actually tighten them all the way around your head if you need to.  They are the most amazing sleeping bags on earth! I slept with the baby snuggled next to me in mine.


The next day, before heading home, we traveled about 5 miles up the road to Strawberry Lake! There is also a little river that runs through this town. So worth the extra few minutes in the car. I definitely want to come back and check out the area more. There was the cutest little lodge with a restaurant and a mercantile store. The water was crystal blue and people were out on their boats. I felt like I was in another world.

IMG_6382 IMG_6387


I have to say, this was the best camping experience we have ever had. I think its safe to say that my husband enjoyed his birthday and I am always happy to get my kids out into nature, away from tv and electronics!! It so fun watch them invent ways to entertain themselves with what they have in their surroundings. They both found little round pieces of plastic that they raced down a hill for hours! I can’t wait to go again. This may end up being our go to camp ground from now on.

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  1. Brittany, what a beautiful blog. You people sound like you had a ball you described everything to a tee pictures and all, just like a book. Did you bake a cake? Lol. Love you all

  2. Brittany as your mom I am so proud of how amazing you are. It looks beautiful there. And you are correct getting kids away from electronics smart thing to do. Adam must have loved it and I’m sending my love and so glad he had an amazing birthday. Love all those grandsons to the moon and back. We cannot wait to see you in August. All the love in the world Mom.

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