Summertime and the living is CRAZY! some of our favorite summer activities

The topic of what to do with your kids  during this major heat wave has come up a lot recently. I’ve been asked what we do to stay cool and how I keep my kids busy.  I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about these activities at the beginning of summer because I was still trying figure out life with a third child!! If I still lived in Los angeles my go to spot would of course be the beach but obviously thats not an option. Luckily Utah has a ton of gorgeous, family friendly places to check out and I’m sure that we haven’t even seen a quarter of them. We have so much more to explore here . But we have managed to find some places and things to do that are fun for the kids while being manageable for mom. 🙂

There are some days that I absolutely need to get out of the house but there are other days when I just want to stay home! On said days, when packing up, getting dressed and driving anywhere seems more than I can bare, we head to our “backyard wonderland” and have just as much fun there as we would anywhere else. Anyone that knows us would tell you that my children are naked most of the time. Yes I have little nudest nature babies and that is totally okay with me! So most of the time we will turn on the sprinklers or fill the kiddie pool. Clothes come off, water goes on and thats our afternoon. Here are some other backyard adventures we enjoy:

Backyard camping

One of my favorite things to do is set up a tent in the back yard. I bring out blankets and pillows (sometimes the mickey mouse couch makes its way outside as well) snacks, drinks, crayons and books. everything we would need for a real camp out. This is so fun for the kids because its something a little different than our everyday back yard routine. They think its fun and a special treat. We sit in our little shaded tent area and i’ll set up the kiddie pool also in case they get too hot. These days usually include a nature scavenger hunt and we draw and color what we see outside! Cove usually collects sticks to make a pretend fire.


Water Trampoline

Spraying the trampoline with the hose has become a favorite of my oldest son. Or he puts the sprinkler underneath and they both think it hilarious  that the water comes up through the bottom. Easy fix to them telling me its too hot to jump!


Painting Parties/Art Days

These pictures are from awhile ago but being creative and getting messy is still one of my favorite things to do if we are going stay home. I love putting on music, grabbing a canvas and some paint and letting the kids go for it! Take a hose and soap to them when they are done. They are clean and you are left with some awesome art to keep forever!

IMG_8705 IMG_8708 IMG_8716

On days when I feel like getting out of the house and its too hot for the park, we have found a ton of fun things to do that are still outdoors (our preference) and also involve water.

Splash Pads!

These magical places are now something I hold near and dear to my heart! When my husband isn’t with me, I can’t take both babies to a pool since I wouldn’t be able to be in the water with one and out holding the other at the same time. Splash pads are the answer!! I can watch from the sidelines, kids stay cool and we are lucky enough to have found one near our house that has an enclosed playground attached!!! winning! We love this place so much we ended up having coves second birthday here last year

IMG_2317IMG_2327IMG_2320 IMG_2323 IMG_2330

Scera water park

We have this amazing water park near our house. There are Multiple pools, a huge water slide, a splash pad and a large grass area to set up for the day. There are lounge chairs, a concession stand and water toys available for purchase. We love it here.


Lakes and Ponds 

We are so lucky to live near so many beautiful lakes and ponds and waterfalls! Hiking may not sound like the best idea when its scorching outside but when there is a gorgeous waterfall near by, hiking seems a lot more appealing! We feel so blessed to have these areas all within a 15 min drive.

Tibble Fork Reservoir

IMG_6489IMG_6505 IMG_1360IMG_1363

Utah lake


Manila Creek Pond


Bridal veil Falls


Although we are lovers of the outdoors, there are some days when coming in from the heat is necessary. On those days there are always indoor play gyms and bounce houses. We are frequent visitors of Kangaroo zoo but there are plenty of these places around. They are great for staying cool and allowing the kids to run and jump and be crazy!! The kids get to play and there are couches and tables for moms to sit and watch from a safe distance. 🙂


and last but not least….. The ARCADE!! my personal fave 🙂 Cove is now old enough to appreciate how fun this is because he can finally play the games himself and he understands the concept of collecting tickets for prizes. We just went the other day and had so much fun. Thankfully I had my baby wrap so I was able to carry the baby on me while chasing cove around with jordan.

IMG_6880 IMG_6886 IMG_6888 IMG_6890 IMG_6893

I am sure we will be adding to this list as summer moves forward and I need to get more creative in order to keep my little babes entertained.

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