The Fourth of July at Discovery Park

I knew that I would be finding more of Utahs hidden gems as the summer progressed, I just didn’t realize it would be this soon after my summer activities post! I had been hearing great things about this park In Pleasant Grove that is filled with amazing learning activities. Since my husband was home for the Fourth of July, we decided to check it out.

This park is called  the Novell Kids Discovery Park and is a part of the Manila Park in Pleasant Grove.


The first thing I noticed when we pulled up was that it was all wood, which I loved! No dirty plastic or Hot metal. The second thing I noticed was how huge this park is! Also I saw a wide range in ages. I liked that I can bring my almost 3 year old an my 12 year old and they both had a great time.

Discovery Park is broken up into Learning Zones. They have a Science zone, a huge wooden rocket ship that the kids can climb inside of, a dinosaur sand pit with a geological timeline, speaking tubes placed around the park that the kids can communicate through, whisper dishes made from old satellite dishes, an echo box perfect for screaming! and Plenty of climbing activities for all ages. There are also great areas for adults. plenty of seating, one table has a chess board and a plant garden if you want to take a break from the playground.

IMG_7379 IMG_7343 IMG_7353 IMG_1579 yes, cove lost a shoe! Don’t worry we found it.

There are giant musical instruments which I think my husband may have enjoyed more than anyone…

IMG_7323 IMG_7378 IMG_1568 IMG_1567

my favorite part were the giant beehives!!!

IMG_7351 IMG_7377


There are , of course, all of the normal park amenities. All the usual suspects. Cove loved the tire swing and puzzle boards.

IMG_7337 IMG_1586

The kids were all over the place. They explored every inch of this park. By the end Jordan was ready for a nap. Its really difficult being a pre teen 😉

IMG_7341 IMG_7371

As we were leaving people were setting up chairs and blankets for the fireworks show going on at the park but we decided to head back home and enjoy them from our yard. We were starving after all of that playing. We cooked up some burgers and corn had a picnic on the front lawn.

IMG_7380 IMG_7399 IMG_7400

Later on that night we headed back out front to watch the many fireworks shows going on in our neighborhood. I think we counted 4 different shows going on at once.Our cul de sac was the perfect central location to view all of them. The kids climbed on top of dads car for a better view.

IMG_7434 IMG_1704 (1) IMG_1691

Hope everyone had an amazing had an amazing holiday weekend.




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