My determination to leave the house today came on strong and was brought into light by the inability to go out for the past few days. Having any sort of ailment or chronic illness can make many things difficult. In my case, when said illness is rearing its ugly head,  leaving the house is a struggle and most times we just stay home. (Insert major mom/wife guilt here.) We have had to adapt to short jam packed outings rather than long all day events or things that keep us out for too long. Thankfully in these moments I have learned to shift my thought process. I take advantage of the days that we have dad home. His presence in no way takes away the symptoms that I have to deal with but I feel a sense of peace knowing that there are an extra set of eyes on the kids if I have to run an take care of myself for a minute. I have also learned to celebrate even the smallest of things. We left the house for 2 hours today and in that short amount of time the kids experienced some really cool things. It is so important to us that they have amazing memories of their childhood as big or small as they may be and sometimes the most simple things leave the biggest impact.

Moving on from depressing talk of illness 🙂

Today we ventured to Salt lake which has become a place of such spirit lifting experiences for me. This place just speaks to me and I would absolutely love to move here in the future. We visited Liberty park, the oldest park in Utah. The park opened in 1882 and has so many cool attractions and was filled with such community and diversity. We visited the Utah Folks Arts museum and there were awesome art and jewelry booths set up. The kids visited the lake filled with ducks and we hope to go back and ride the paddle boats soon. There was also a aviary that we somehow missed so we will for sure be heading back ASAP.

IMG_7676 IMG_2018 IMG_2020 IMG_2021 (1) IMG_2024

Its amazing how much fun a giant hill can be!! Running and rolling and dodging duck poop! Jordan stuck to riding his hover board along the top.

IMG_2026 IMG_2015

This garden was my favorite part. The colors were so vibrant (and conveniently matched my kimono). Bowie enjoyed the view, the other boys… couldn’t have cared less about the flowers lol

IMG_2035 IMG_2032 (1) IMG_7656

Then they have the seven canyons fountain, the splash pad and multiple playgrounds.

IMG_2030 IMG_7647 IMG_7651IMG_7658 IMG_7663

and my ridiculously cool pre teen… well he was actually super stoked about the vintage car show that was going on. That and chilling out on the grass with his baby bro.


So today we celebrate getting out of the house, overcoming challenges, appreciating the smallest things, and spending time together as a family. Not settling or giving into the crap that we can all get handed. Here’s to pushing forward.

I am in the process of writing about my journey with Crohns disease. Its taking me a bit longer than expected. Hoping to have that up soon.

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