A day at Wheeler Farm

Yesterday my husband got to watch his kids enjoy a place that he remembers visiting as a child. It was interesting to hear him share his memories with the kids and to describe to them how some things had changed and how others were exactly as he remembered them. This place is amazing. We had so much fun. Cove hasn’t stopped talking about the animals since we left. the best part Wheeler Farm is that its FREE!! As a family a five, we don’t want to spend a ton of money every time we¬†go out. Perfect example that it does’t take a bunch of money to create wonderful memories. There are things that cost a couple of dollars like the tractor rides but I think they were literally $2 for a ride around the entire farm. This was one of my favorite family day destinations so far.



I am still amazed at how many brother bonding moments we were able to capture!


I dont think my kids had favorite animal. They loved them all.

IMG_2102IMG_2063 IMG_7833IMG_7854IMG_2096

Cove loved the old machines and found that the wheels make for a great hat rack


Jordan sat and listened to the blacksmith for awhile


and both boys enjoyed feeding the ducks (more brother bonding!)


of course cove couldn’t resist trying to swim with them.

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  1. Loos like everyone had a great time and you can’t beat free. It seems like a great place to bring kids

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