Natural Teething Remedies

As if being a baby isn’t hard enough! Lets throw agonizing pain into the mix. On average it seems that most babies start teething around 3-4 months (some as early as  2 and some take longer) So just a few short months after being taken out of your warm, comforting, safe home inside of your mothers womb you now have to deal with sharp teeth busting through your gums. How sad and confusing. No wonder teething is a dreaded phase that all moms would like to skip over!! Babies are fussy, don’t sleep, are sometimes inconsolable, they can run a fever and  they are constantly drooling all over the place and chewing on their hands. I don’t mind the drooling so much its the not sleeping that gets me.  It can make a mom feel a little helpless.


My children all started around 3 months. My toddler got all of his teeth pretty fast. So it was hard core teething all crammed into a short period of time. I am pretty sure my first babe was the same so we will see how this plays out for baby number three. He is now 4 months and has been teething for month.


Now comes the questions of remedies. Its becomes a little more difficult the younger they are since most people use over the counter medicines and most of those are not to be administered under 6 months of age. Tylenol is said to be safe in a smaller dosage but absolutely no Ibuprofen until 6 months.

I myself am not a fan of giving my baby tylenol, not to say that you shouldn’t, we just choose to stay on the more natural side of things.I prefer to stay away from medicine unless absolutely necessary and since there are other options when dealing with teething, we turn to those first.

Here are a few natural teething remedies:

  • a frozen washcloth works great. I prefer the wash cloth to frozen veggies at this age. Just soak a cloth and stick it in the freezer. Its not as harsh as a teething toy and softens as they chew on it.
  • I have also used a baby mesh feeder like this one and rather than put food in it, I used an ice cube or frozen breastmilk/formula. If you are concerned with the material these are made of, I have yet to find an organic/natural version (if you know of any comment and let me know!) but I am sure organic cotton or maybe cheese cloth would work just as well.
  • My finger with clean hands of course!! I give him a little gum massage and Ive even used a very small amount of coconut oil on my finger. He chews away and loves it.
  • There are homeopathic teething gels/tablets like the Hylands brand sold here. I don’t use these that often and haven’t given them to my littlest just yet because I haven’t felt the need to although that could change at any moment. They did help when I used them on my other children and I have friends that swear by them!
  • amber teething necklaces… here are my thoughts on them. yes we have one. I was given one as a gift for my second child who is now 3. I loved it. They are beautiful. I think they look  adorable on my boys and may have even helped ease some of that teething discomfort but it is not our main go to method for relief.
  • natural rubber pacifiers are great!!! My son chews on his all day long and since they are made with nontoxic material… I am more than okay with it. We use one by Natursutten and they make teething toys as well.
  • My most recent find and current favorite remedy are these Little Biting Tree  raw wooden teething/nursing necklaces. I love these for so many reasons but the first being that it is worn by the mother not the baby. These mala inspired mama necklaces are free of any dyes, toxins, chemicals and synthetics and they are threaded with pure white cotton. My baby loves chomping on ours and the tassel acts as a sensory toy. I wave it in front of him and he follows it back and forth, reaching to grab it before letting out a cute little giggle. I think these are a must have for every new mom!!

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  1. Good post – I always liked using a frozen washcloth, too. Funny how old school, plain and simple are sometimes the best! Good luck getting through teething – no fun for anyone!

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