Mountain Mama and my Nature Boys

I once considered myself, strictly,  a beach girl. I love the water, the sand, the sun, the sounds. Being born in Rhode island and then later growing up in California just a short drive from Malibu, its what I knew. There was always a chill vibe about it. Care free linen clad parents watching their littles play in the ocean. Malibu became my home. I hung out there with friends, my dance training took place there and as a young adult, I worked there. Taking walks to the beach after my work day to sit in the sand and find peace before heading back over the canyon to the valley.

Since moving to Utah, Ive had to find peace elsewhere. Turns out, I am one mountain loving mama. Ive always loved hiking, nature and camping but the Uintas are like nothing I have ever experienced. Its magical. Enchanting.

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Last year, for whatever reason, we didn’t take the 5 minute drive up the canyon as often as we should have. I would just sit and stare longingly from my backyard. This year we vowed to get up there as often as possible and we have definitely made good on that promise. Every chance we get, even if just for an hour, we hop in the car and head off to explore. My children now request to “go to the mountains” on a near daily basis.

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There is nothing like a recharge of fresh air and natural elements. Outdoors, away from electronics and communicating with one another. The boys leave covered in dirt, smiling from ear to ear with pockets filled with treasures. My kind of therapy for sure!! I see a shift in my children’s personalities. Like a detox from their usual everyday routine. Even mom and dad get down and play in the dirt and inspect said treasures.

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Then of course little legs get tired. Thankfully my oldest offered to help me carry tired toddler back to the car.

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