Seasonal Mood Swings: Theres Something About Fall


A series of recent, not so pleasant events, got me thinking. My moods have patterns. Not sure what prompted me to try and figure out this pattern but when I did I realized that there definitely is one. What I had always attributed to just random events actually isn’t random at all. These patterns mimic the change in seasons. Do I sound insane? At first, I thought so. I figured I had finally lost it. I had stooped to blaming the seasons for my roller coaster mood swings.

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In looking back at this year I noticed that once those summer months approached my life went into a giant tail spin. I did give birth to my third child which of course was amazing but that was followed by a series of crappy things that I felt unable to deal with which is unlike me because I am normally pretty resilient and try to take things head on and fight. During this time, I didn’t want to fight. I wanted to curl up in my bed and ignore everything and everyone. Turns out avoiding things just causes more problems! 😉 Things happen and thats just life but how we deal with life’s struggles, I feel, plays a huge part in the outcome. It seems to me that my ability to take on challenges and appropriately handle situations greatly decreases during the summer. I don’t know as I would go as far as to call it depression, but maybe a bit.

I had to research. I wanted to know if other people felt this way or if it was just me. Turns out its a real thing! The name for this change in mood is called Seasonal Affective Depression or S.A.D. I had heard of seasonal depression before but what was  funny to me was that all of the articles I read talked about the “winter blues.” That most people are happy during the summer when the sun is shining, days are long and temperatures are warmer. They say that this depression or change in mood starts in the Fall and continues into the Winter months and much less often does this occur in the Spring and Summer. Hmmmm well its not uncommon for me to be a part of the weird, backwards group of people.

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For me its the exact opposite. In the summer I tend to feel sluggish, moody, uninspired and less likely to want to get up and go!! There comes a time, usually around mid September (possibly because thats around my birthday) when I start to feel….uplifted. The air is crisp and cool and as cheesy as it may sound, I feel more alive. I feel awake and want to go outside and explore and take my kids on these fun adventures. I feel happy and things don’t bother me as much. My ability to deal with problems and function like a normal human being returns. I cook more, I argue less. I get this excited feeling in the pit of my stomach as the leaves change and people start to put out their fall decorations.

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Ive always preferred boots, sweaters knit socks and hats to sandals and tank tops!

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Activities seem to be more enjoyable. We hike more, camp, play outside and explore.( And of course theres Halloween which brings a whole new level of excitement )

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and I especially love getting my babes all bundled and seeing their little red noses and cheeks

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I could go on and on about all of the many reason why I love fall/winter but Ill stop myself here. I just felt compelled to write on this topic because I am so curious to know if others experience this. Maybe you have been looking for an answer or feel a little crazy at certain times during the year. Well I am here to tell you that you aren’t the only one!

Hopefully now that I am more aware that this isn’t just completely random and I do have a harder time in the summer, I can try to prepare for it. Not sure what that entails but I guess I have a few months to try and figure out a solution! Like I said, I know that things happen,good and bad, all year long. Im not blaming the seasons for the events that take place but our ability to handle these things is so important. Lets pray that I can up my summer coping skills for everyones sake haha!! But for now I am totally going to enjoy how amazing I feel in this moment.

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