For the love of Halloween

I am sure I don’t have to tell you how much I love Halloween because Im sure everyone is sick of hearing it. Ive always been really into makeup and creating characters and the darker more “creepy” side of things  so obviously a holiday that celebrates all of that makes me very happy.

My love for this holiday grew of course when I attended makeup school years ago. I was really able to create anything I wanted and it provided me with the giant makeup kit to do so . Thankfully my husband is equally into creating and becoming characters and my children are extremely tolerant (for the most part) of me wanting to test ideas on them.

This post has no set topic. Just a quick little post of all of the things that make me happy this time of year. Unfortunately I didn’t get to create the indoor decoration set up that I had planned but I do have some fun DIY outdoor decorations to show you and maybe we will take a glimpse into some costumes of Halloweens past!!

Our decorations are a combination of DIY and store bought items.


Halloween Wreath

This wreath is made of items from hobby lobby. I bought a regular green christmas wreath and spray painted it black. It took a few coats to cover the entire thing. Once it was dry, I added this black bird burlap ribbon and then I found this cute wall hanging that says “spooky” and I attached it with wire to hang in the center. This wreath also had some black birds attached with that same craft wire but Im pretty sure my toddler stole them :/


Hanging Skeleton

This guy is just your average hanging skeleton that we purchased I believe from Spirit Halloween. We love him although his shadow tricks us every now and then and we think someone is on our front porch.


Horror Sign

This is probably my favorite decoratation of all. My husband and I worked on this together which only adds to its charm lol. Ive seen these sold in store but I wanted ours to look more authentic and I wanted to be able to customize the wording on each sign. So I had my husband cut some barn wood pieces into varying shapes. From there I chose the writing and colors I wanted to use and we painted away. We used acrylic paint and then sanded over each sign with sand paper to remove some of the color and give it an aged and distressed look.


Grave Yard

This little grave yard is my favorite set up and background for halloween photos. I had previously used the foam ones that you can find at the store but those never held up and always broke so we made our own out of wood. The tombstones were all made by my husband and we let our oldest son choose the wording and he also helped paint them. We used the same technique as we did on the sign above. We used a stone grey acrylic paint all over, obviously black for the words and we used the black to deepen the natural cracks in the wood. When that was all dry we hit it with sand paper. My husband just attached wooden stakes to the back with wood glue and hammered them into the ground! The skull and bones I found at target.


Bench Decor

For the bench on our front porch I just added this cool pillow that I found at target in the dollar section!!! It was only $3. I couldn’t find it online to link for you 🙁 I also layed this gauze fabric over the side to resemble creepy graveyard fog!

img_7144 img_7145

My husband did make me a few of these awesome wooden bats that I have placed around my house. He drew free hand onto a 1/2 inch thick pine wood. He used a band saw to cut them out. If you don’t have one you can find a jigsaw for pretty cheap. I created this little mini display on a shelf behind my couch. The Raven picture also came from target for $3 and the book I bought at Barnes and Noble not specifically for halloween but I am actually collecting all of their classic books. The little doll came from Savers Thrift store.

Now just for fun here are some pictures of our costumes from years past.

2011 Darth Maul


2012 we were fresh on that Walking Dead craze!!

img_1840 img_1832 img_1825 img_1823


Wednesday Addams, The Joker, baby Jack Skellington and The best Jack Sparrow!

img_9153 img_9166 img_9174 img_9191


Mad hatter, Chucky, The headless Horseman and Moses

img_3449 img_3457 img_3551

2016 To Be continued…

img_7113halloween16 img_7109halloween16

Happy Halloween!!

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