Pura Stainless: The Only Bottle You Will Ever Need

The choice to GO Green or eat organic, although great choices, can be extremely over whelming. You may think that you need to remove all of the food from your house and start over or take all of your children’s plastic toys away and buy them new ones. My husband and I do our best to provide a safe, organic, clean and green environment for our children. But for us it is all about baby steps. We make our own baby food, we keep a garden and we have chickens in order to provide fresh eggs for our family. This doesn’t mean that our children don’t have any plastic toys or that they don’t eat the occasional bag of chips. The key phrase is “do our best!” We make changes when and where we can.

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A great example of this would be the most recent change we were able to make and that was the transition away from plastic baby bottles. The talk of BPA’s and Phthalates and other harmful chemicals in plastic has been going around for years now. My first 2 children used plastic bottles and my newest little addition did as well……. until my husband came home raving about this bottle that he found at our local grocery store. The bottle is made by a Pura Stainless. He told me that it was stainless steel (a new love of mine) and that it also grew with your child with the option of 5 different tops that are compatible with the bottle. There is a baby nipple, a toddler spout, a straw for older kids, a sports bottle top, and a snack top. They do offer different sized bottles but every top fits on ever bottle!  I was in disbelief that one product could have all of the qualities I would want. Durable, safe, non toxic and functional??

We ended up buying a baby bottle and once I opened it and used it, I instantly knew that I needed one for my other two boys. I wanted to try the other tops as well as the other sized bottles. We now have 3 bottles and 4 different tops. Each bottle is made from high grade stainless steel and plastic free silicone. Another great upside to these is that your drinks stay hot/cold. We all know as parents how hard it is to keep our kids drinks cold in the summer!

Here is what we have:


The baby bottle came with the an 11oz bottle, a natural vent nipple, and a silicone spill proof top.

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Our experience with this bottle has been wonderful. It is so easy to clean, so sterile, and the spill proof silicone top is ACTUALLY spill proof. We also noticed a huge change in our baby after using this bottle. Up until that point our son, who suffered horrible reflux, would vomit after every bottle. Not just spit up but projectile vomit. The nipple on this bottle seemed to really help him and his vomiting decreased. (I’m not claiming that this bottle cures reflux. Our baby just did really well with it.)

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The Toddler Bottle: For my 3 year old we have the 9oz insulated bottle, the toddler spout, and the straw top.

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My toddler carries this bottle everywhere. It goes to the playground, hiking, in the backyard and let me tell you its a good thing that stainless steel is so durable because it gets dropped and rolled over the place. I feel like in a house with 3 boys, if we have gone another route in our hunt for safe bottles and gotten glass, they would be shattered by now. I also love that there are 2 different tops for him because he loves the straw for  day time but at night when its time for bed, the spout makes it easier for him to drink while laying down.

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The Sports Bottle: we have the 18oz sports bottle with the sports top.

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Can I just tell you how rare it is to find something that all three of my kids enjoy with ages ranging from 7 months to 12 years?! Usually with things like this my oldest ends up feeling left out because the babes get cool new toys and gadgets so when I told him that he could have a cool new bottle also, he was pretty exited. He loves it and also takes it everywhere. It is perfect for school, after school activities, camping and whatever other activities preteens take part in lol like hanging in trees apparently!!

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We have become huge stainless steel supporters in our house. Not just for the kids but for ourselves as well. It is the safest material to use being that it is non toxic, it is composed of natural elements and it doesn’t cling to bacteria. It is better for our environment because it is reusable and one of the most recyclable materials on the planet. Stainless steel is also extremely easy to clean and resists rust and corrosion.

Pura Stainless is by far the greatest company not just for the amazing product they put out, but also what they are doing for the planet and our children. For more products and info visit http://www.purastainless.com and make sure to follow them on social media!







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