The Pre Teen Boy Holiday Gift Guide

I cannot believe Halloween is over and Christmas is just around the corner! I feel like every year it creeps on me so quickly and I am always left unprepared and scrambling for gift ideas. I promised myself that I wouldn’t allow that to happen again! With three babes this year, I really have to get things done early.

Gifts for the littles are pretty easy. I don’t really feel like I need to stress or put too much thought into what they will enjoy. My oldest boy on the other hand…. it gets a  bit harder every year. It seems that as he gets older he becomes more picky and the items on his list become more expensive. This means that I have to get a list of exactly what he wants and If I am going get him something that he hasn’t specifically asked for, it has to be very creative and well thought out. Which makes it a little harder (but not impossible) to surprise him with gifts.  The good thing about this age (he is 12 by the way) is that it seems all of his friends, for the most part, are interested in and want the same things. So in researching for this gift guide I was actually helping myself out!! I was hoping I could get some inside info from his friends and maybe be able to sneak a few surprises into the mix.

This pre teen age is kind of tricky. I feel like they still enjoy some childlike activities (even if they won’t admit it to their friends) They will mostly all ask for some sort of gaming system or phone. thats obvious. So I wanted to put together a list of gift ideas that strayed from those things. I try to give gifts that will take away from tv, iPads, video games and all other electronic zombifying distractions. Although I know that the use of these is inevitable, and we have gotten the giant gaming system and Ipad in years past,  we  try to limit the amount of time our son uses them. Here is my best effort at collecting ideas for creative, out side of the box gift ideas. (All ideas came from real life tweens!! lol) I hope you find this useful!

Just click on the image for prices and full description.

>>>Brain games and Building sets<<<

Under $10

*Rubiks Snake

(Both my 3 yr old and My 12 year old love this thing. They both have one and will sit and create shapes with it for hours. okay I’m lying not hours but in children time, they will sit for awhile. There are videos you can find on how to make animals and all sorts of other things. Its a great stocking stuffer!!)



(This puzzle ball thing is super cool.  We have one and my 12 year old loves it. He will sit forever and try to solve this puzzle. Its a great brain game. He says “its awesome!”Its great for car rides, camping trips and times when we are trying to keep him from using electronics!)

*Klutz Juggling Balls and instruction book

*Laser Pegs

* Estes Model Rocket

(This comes with everything you need! such a great activity for dad and son bonding time)

*Logic Tangram

(Classic puzzle problem solving brain game!! My husband loves working these out with the kids)

>>Outdoors and Adventure<<<

Aside from gift items in this category, one of my sons friends had a genius request on his Xmas list! He asked for a day of Skiing/Snowboarding. how smart is that? I think that is a great alternative to buying a normal gift. Buy them a gift card or give them money towards an activity that they enjoy!!


*Bao feng Two Way Radio

*Canany Waterproof Sports Camera

(when you don’t want to drop the cash on a GO PRO!)

*Spooner Freestyle Board

(This thing is so awesome! You can pretty much do tricks that you would do on a skateboard but on a flat board without wheels! so cool for kids who eventually want to skateboard or even if they don’t, its really fun. I may or may not have used this a few times.)

*MineLab Go Find 20

Over $100

(This one is a bit more pricey at just around $100 but so cool for the adventurer who wants to search and dig for treasures and maybe earn some extra money!)

>>>Arts and Music<<<

Under $10

*Klutz Paper Airplane book


*Soyan 3D Printing Pen

(who doesn’t want 3d pen?)

*Casio Mini Keyboard

(The kids are always trying to play on dads expensive keyboard….so let them have their own)

*Toca Wood Bongos

(This might be my favorite item not this entire list. If you are a msucial family like we are, these are perfect! We love having little drum circles. )


*Michael Vey book series

(This is supposedly a really popular Adventure series among all of my sons classmates. He says he is always trying to take these books from the library but they are always out!.)

*Percy Jackson and the Olympians boxed set

(This is a Fantasy series about Greek Gods! Sounds awesome to me!)



Gift Cards are also another great idea. I would suggest either an amazon card since they sell everything or my son also loves iTunes gift cards. That way he can purchase music or apps.

although we try to limit video games we understand that they highly desired among most kids this age so if you are looking to purchase a game system for your home the most popular one is the xbox one or the xbox 360

for a handled game system the nintendo 3ds is a good one.

I hope you guys found this useful!! Comment below if you have any other suggestions!!



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