Creamy Pistachio Pesto

We love pasta in this house!! (This pesto can be used for so many things, not just pasta. You can use it as a sandwich spread or a dip. I just say pasta because this is what I have mainly used it for. ) I am constantly trying new recipes to keep things exciting. I was starting to feel like I had made every type of sauce imaginable. I needed inspiration. Then my husband took out his giant bag of pistachios. something that usually leaves me extremely annoyed because between him and my two oldest boys, the shells end up all over the floor. This time I was excited! It was just the inspiration I needed. I have made pesto before and I’ve had pistachio pesto but I decided to make a few very small changes. I wanted to tweak a few things and that doesn’t always work out in my favor lol but luckily this time…. it was a win!. This has now become a favorite in my house. Especially with my toddler. He has started asking for “stachio pasta” every few days. My husband loves it, of course, but I figured he would with his already established addiction pistachios. Its creamy, salty, and rich. A nice change from the usual red sauce or alfredo.

This recipe feeds 2 people (and maybe a toddler lol) for a larger batch, just double the ingredients. This will make 1 cup of sauce once prepared. 


1/2 cup of shelled pistachios (plus a 1-2 tbsp chopped for serving)

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup parmesan (plus a few tbsp for serving)

4-5 basil leaves

2 mint leaves (use more if you love mint!)

1/2 cup heavy cream

salt and pepper to taste

(optional* juice of half a lime)

Healthier Alternatives:

Use an avocado in place of the heavy cream. This will be much thicker so you will need a splash of liquid. Just a few tablespoons should be enough. Broth would be best but water will work just fine. You aren’t using enough to make it watery just enough to make the sauce easy to blend.

If you are using for pasta I suggest a quinoa or brown rice pasta instead of regular.

img_8604pistachpesto img_8605pistachpesto img_8606pistachpesto img_8609pistachpesto


I used my Nutribullet for this and it was so quick and easy but a blender would work just fine.

Its a simple as adding all of your ingredients to the blender and turning it on!!! Blend until smooth.

Thats it! Spread on sandwich or serve in dish as a dip.


or add directly to cooked pasta and to with shaved parm, chopped pistachios, salt and pepper.

img_8643pistachpesto img_8646pistachpesto









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