Freshly Picked: The Must Have Children’s Shoe

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There is something very special about a babies first pair of shoes. Its seems to come up so quickly. They are wearing cute little fluffy socks and before you now it they are starting to crawl and walking around in their walkers needing protection for their little toes. I always have a hard time getting rid of my children’s first pair even long past them being too small. I am sure I am not the only parent who is a little picky when it comes to buying my kids shoes. Whether they are a babies first pair, for an early walker or for your toddler. kids shoes need to have certain qualities.

  1. They need to be comfortable
  2. They need to be easy to put on
  3. They have to be functional
  4. They need to hold up to everyday wear and tear
  5. and of course they absolutely have to be CUTE!

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Well Freshly Picked moccasins are all of those thing! Let me tell you why that is. The creator of these adorable baby moccasins designed them from a moms perspective. She was not satisfied by what she was finding for her kids on the market so she decided to create her own!! What better way to insure the quality and function that you (and every mom) need. This soon developed into a small business that is now a very successful and extremely popular brand.

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These shoes are so popular because they are literally perfect. They fit true to size with room to grow.My children tend to have extremely wide and chubby little feet so it can be difficult to find shoes that fit them properly but I have no problem with our moccasins.  The leather is soft and flexible which makes it easy for a baby to move around while still being able to feel the floor. This is so important when they are first starting to test the waters and transition into their first steps. They are also made with a stretchy elastic band around the ankle that makes it so easy to put on yet keeps baby from being able to pull them off!!(As kids get older it tends to be an ordeal trying to put their shoes on so they really do need to be easy!!) FP’s  style selection is endless! I think they are made in every color and pattern under the sun so no matter what your style is I am positive their is something for everyone.

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Freshly picked offers shoes for all ages. Their moccs fit up until about 4 years (Depending on shoe size of course.) Their  “Next Step” hard soled shoes are great for older kids. Another thing I love about them is how versatile they are. Shoes can get expensive! Especially when you have more than one child. You really don’t want to be buying a different shoe for every occasion. These can be worn casual but can also be dressed up.

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and check out their website.

They will be having a Black Tuesday sale on November 22!! This is huge and has only happened once before. So you really dont want to miss it.  Everything on their website will be 25% off and they are offering free shipping on orders over $49. Seriously such an amazing deal and a great time to stock up Moccs for your babes or gifts for friends.

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