Thanksgiving Shepherds Pie

We love Thanksgiving and we look forward to the amazing food that we get to share but we are usually left with a ton of leftovers that take over our entire refrigerator. Usually we make those delicious Thanksgiving sandwiches for days after which  while tasting great, doesn’t really help with the amount of space those leftover containers take up. So this year I wanted try something new. Something that would consolidate everything into one dish.

Shepherds Pie is something that we eat often in our house. I ate it as a child and I love making it for my family. I usually make it with ground beef or sometimes group turkey, a veggie (my family likes corn or peas) and mashed potatoes. I figured why not swap out the ground beef for the leftover turkey and then just top it with the rest of the leftovers. You can literally put almost anything in this dish and its going to taste amazing. Here is how I made ours.




any leftover veggies. I had green bean casserole so I used that.

mashed potatoes


Layer!!! Start with your turkey. Then add a layer of gravy to prevent the turkey from drying out in the reheating process.



Add a layer of veggies. I used leftover green bean casserole but you can use anything. If you made carrots, peas or roasted veggies. Pretty much anything would work.


Then top with a thick layer of mashed potatoes.


Add salt and pepper and you can add shredded cheese to the top if you want. That will just get nice and brown and add a crispy layer to the top.

This doesn’t have to be baked right away. You can assemble it and refrigerate. Just bake in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes when you are ready to serve it. I also set mine under the broiler for a few minutes  to brown the top


serve with cranberry sauce for the full Thanksgiving experience!!


I had some turkey left after making this dish so here is another option:

We have these mini loaf pans so I made cute little personalized pies. These are great to just quickly pop in the oven. I followed the sam process of layering turkey, gravy,  veggies and then mashed. With these I used peas.

img_9187 img_9188 img_9190 img_9193

These do not need to bake as long. 10 Minutes in a 350 degree oven is perfect. Then brown the top!


HappyHolidays!!!! xo

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