Holiday Marshmallow Pops

When we first moved from LA to Utah I was overwhelmed by how friendly our neighbors were! Not in a bad way but it just wasn’t something we were used to. I don’t think we knew a single neighbor in Los Angeles. Once the holidays rolled around we started getting knocks on our door from sweet neighbors bringing treats and small gifts. I quickly realized that I needed to embrace this act of kindness and share in the holiday spirit. Although it wasn’t what I was used to, It was definitely a refreshing change.

I quickly took to baking cookies and wrapping them in cute little holiday boxes. Last year I made Toffee bars. This year I wanted to do something a bit different and something that my kids could help with and also really enjoy eating. I decided on marshmallow pops. They are easy to make and easy to package. You can also use whichever toppings you want. I chose just 2 topping this year to keep it simple as this is my first holiday season with 3 kids and my time in the kitchen is limited! I went with crushed peppermint candy and ginger snaps.  these 2 things paired with white chocolate mmmm magical.

what you will need: Amount needed obviously will depend on how many you need to make.

lollipop sticks (I had bamboo skewers so I cut them in half but they do sell lollipop sticks at Michaels or any craft store)


Melting Chocolate

Peppermint Candy (my kids crushed mine but they do see them pre crushed in stores)

Ginger Snaps

**and any other candy or topping you might want to use. Nuts work well. Shaved coconut would also be really good paired with milk chocolate. Ive also used toffee bits which are my fave!!!


Start by melting your chocolate. I used a double boiler. You can also just heat it in the microwave. Ive definitely done that before but I like the double boiler better as it is easier to regulate the temp and it keeps the chocolate from cooling and hardening before you are done.

img_9300 img_9301

Once completely melted you can start to assemble the pops. I coat the end of the stick before placing the marshmallow on top. I feel like since the chocolate hardens, it secures the marshmallow and prevents it from sliding off.

img_9305 img_9306

allow that to sit for a second and then start the coating process!

img_9307 img_9310 img_9311

Twirl the marshmallow in the chocolate to get an even coat and then do the same in your candy/cookie toppings!! Set them aside to cool before eating or packaging if you are giving these as gifts. You can find little pop bags and ties at any craft store.

img_9314 img_9317 img_9335 img_9343

Happy Holidays!!

Xo, Brittany

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