Magical First Snow

Ive recently hopped on the Gilmore Girls wagon and all of this talk of snow being magical has come at the perfect time. We just got our first big snow of the season and that magic and excitement took over my  house. We woke a few mornings ago to our entire neighborhood and backyard completely blanketed in the most beautiful and brightest white you could imagine


We all gathered on our couch to look out and watch the snow fall. The kids were so excited and the baby was just instantly mesmerized. He sat and watched completely spellbound for longer than I have ever seen him sit in one place.


We turned on the heater, lit candles and well… my coffee tasted better on this particular morning.


The kids were so anxious to get outside and play and with my toddler being insistent on dressing himself these days he took on the challenge of putting on his snow clothes which ended up being a bit small. That didn’t phase him at all.


Luckily the next day we received a package from grandma and grandpa with all new snow clothes and the kids did not hesitate to put them on and run out into the yard. This was the babies first snow suit and I probably laughed for a good 20 minutes after putting it on him. He could barely move and would just roll over to one side.

img_9446 img_9444 img_9438 img_9416 img_9430

But he was just happy to finally be able to get in the snow with his brothers instead of watching from the side lines. My toddler refers to icicles as “ice carrots” and kindly shared them with his brothers.  Watching kids experience things like this for the first time has to be one of my favorite things about being a parent.

img_1005 img_1004 img_1003

My kids are outdoor boys especially when it snows so they ended up being outside for hours. Then some friend of our invited us to take the kids sledding. This was probably the most fun my kids have had in a long time. They were frozen solid by the end but their smiles were priceless.

I have recently been asked how I dress my babies for the snow. I will put a thinner one piece pajama underneath whatever snow suit or fluffy one piece they are wearing. My babies tend to get hot quickly so any more layers than that and they would be too hot. I will also put a warm hat or beanie on them that covers their ears and mittens or gloves if the outfit they have on doesn’t have them built in. If I know I am going be outside for a long period of time I will bring my baby wrap and a warm blanket to wrap around . Being wrapped tightly against mom or dad is like a furnace!! In the summer I couldn’t wrap the baby unless he was just in a diaper because we would both get too warm so its perfect for cold weather. For my older boys I make sure they have on thick socks and snow boots of course!

* The red snow suit pictured above covers the babies hands perfectly so that he can play in the snow without his hands getting cold. Snow suit and my toddlers grey jacket and pants are from Old Navy! (thanks granmda and grandpa!)

I 100% agree with Mrs. Lorelai Gilmore “Everything is magical when it snows. Everything looks pretty”




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