Homemade Almond Milk and All Natural Kinetic Sand??

I have developed the outlook that the more I can make at home, the better.  I like knowing exactly what is going into the things that we consume. The thought of making certain things at home can be intimidating at fist but the more I made the more I realized that most things are really simple.


I have been a fan of almond milk (cashew and coconut also) for years now. My husband and kids love it as well but once we discovered all of the other unnatural things that go into store bought milks we were no longer happy with what we were buying. Lots of sugar and thickeners and things that we really do not need to be putting into our body. So I decided to look into making it myself and it turns out that its really easy. Ive been doing it this way for awhile now and the taste can’t even be compared! Although store bought is obviously way more convenient and cheaper, I think the pros far out way the cons in this situation. The cons being that raw almonds can be expensive and you do have to put forth a small effort to make the milk but if you can find a store that sells in bulk and if you own a blender or Nutri Bullet you should totally try making it yourself. We have a store called Winco here in Utah and that is where we buy all of our bulk items. They pretty much have everything you could ever imagine in their bulk bins.

Here is what you will need:

2 cups of raw almonds

3-4 cups of water

6-8 pitted dates

tea towels (cotton) or a nut milk bag

I bought a pack of tea towels at Michaels for $7. They came in a pack of 3 and I found them in the baking section or you can purchase a Nut Milk Bag on amazon.

I use my Nutri Bullet and make in small batches.

This recipe should make 3-4 cups of Almond Milk.


Soak almonds for 8-12 hours. Over night is what I usually do. Once they are done soaking, drain them and throw them in the blender with fresh water and dates. Dates are a great natural sweetener. I like my milk sweet so we add a good amount but you can add more or less depending on personal preference.


Blend for a good minute or so. You want to make sure the almonds are completely pureed.


When done, your mixture should be pretty thick. Like the texture of oatmeal.

img_9796almondmilk img_9798almondmilk

I lay my cloth over a 4 cup measuring glass and pour half of the mixture in the center. (I only do half at a time to make sure I get all of the liquid out and to make it easier to manage.)

img_9799almondmilk  img_9803almondmilk img_9851almondmilk

Squeeze the crap out of it!! Your hands may get tired so little ones are great to have around.

img_9804almondmilk img_9807almondmilk img_9808almondmilk

You should be left with this dry almond meal!


We store our Almond Milk in mason jars in the fridge.


img_9870almondmilk img_9875almondmilk

Now back to that almond meal:

What do I do with all of that left over almond meal??? 

I asked that very question the first time I made this milk. My husband decided that we would give ours to our chickens. But thats not all its good for. You can use it in baking (cookies, breads, muffins.) You could also toast it and dry it out to sprinkle on top of yogurt or salad.

The next thing I am about to say may sound crazy and I would not recommend doing this all of the time because its a bit wasteful and there a far better uses for it but….

On this particular day my toddler wanted to help me make the milk. Which meant that he got to feel that amazing almond meal and well.. it kind of feels exactly like kinetic sand. So I let him play with it. We are all about creative play and experimenting in our house and he was so interested in the texture of this stuff. He played forever. He said he felt like he was at the beach so I gave him some sand toys and sent him outside.

img_9838almondmilk img_9844almondmilk

The baby got in on the action also. He loved smushing it through his fingers and he may have eaten a handful or 2. With play doh I would have not allowed that ever! but this is all natural food ingredients so I was able to let him explore an have fun and not worry about it.


Hope you guys enjoy this recipe and feel free to comment any questions! let me know if you try it out.




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