looking back on 2016 and December Declutter

This year has been intense. We were rocked by an election and lost too many talented souls. It was filled with extreme highs and lows with very little grey area in between. A lot of changes were made that at the time seemed overwhelming and scary but in my opinion those are the ones that produce the biggest reward. This year has proven that broken links weaken the entire structure of your life and removing those links creates strength. There is something to be said about the law of attraction. The energy you put out into the universe is the energy you will receive. I removed a lot of toxic energy from my life this year. That includes people and situations that were no longer benefiting me, my life and my purpose. In removing these things I opened up space for new amazing friends and wonderful experiences. Once I made the room, the good came flooding in. Change can be frightening but is necessary to move forward on a positive an productive path.

“Coincidence is Gods way of remaining anonymous.” Albert Einstein

Amidst all the crazy that happened, this year gave us our third son. So for that it will go down in the books as  a great year for our family. Its also the year I started this blog! February 1st marks one year for Bohemian and Barefoot. So crazy!! I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, bloggers, photographers  and businesses. I can wait to move into a new year with this blog.

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I have been feeling the need to purge all of my belongings and start fresh. I have felt the sudden the urge to declutter mentally and physically. This has actually been my focus for the past few months. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter. Ive filled bag after bag of households items and clothes in an attempt to clear out and keep a minimal mindset. Its crazy how many articles of clothing you accumulate over years and I end up wearing the same few basics everyday. As far as home decor, I have only recently found an interest in it. I have always appreciated others ability to create a wonderful space but up until the past few months I never connected with any particular style so I just didn’t bother to focus on it. Lately, I have found myself drawn towards more neutral tones and natural materials. I am really embracing a more simple and minimalist lifestyle. I am looking forward to continuing the process of removing and creating a more fresh and open space.img_0651

We created so many amazing memories this year. We explored, ventured out and really saw what Utah has to offer which is a whole lot of magic!! This is a wonderful place and this year I found a new appreciation for it. We have always been big time crunchy, granola,nature loving people and we found some amazing places to wander. We spent our summer camping and swimming in ponds. Utah in the fall is something that everyone on the planet needs to see at least once. We fell in love with Cascade Springs and hiked long, beautiful trails. iIn the spring we spent Sundays driving through the canyon and having picnics n the mountains. And this year was by far best Christmas of my life. The snow held off. Kept us anxious in anticipation. Until we woke up that morning in a thick blanket of snow. Surrounded by white in all directions.

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This year we got serious about providing our own food. Of course we still rely  on the grocery store and farmers markets but we cut out a good amount of store bought items that we now just make ourselves. Our chickens started laying eggs, we expanded our garden, made kombucha, almond milk, bread, butter, pasta and my husband started his own little mushroom farm! Which i will also elaborate on in a future post.


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Seeing as blogs are basically like big online journals, I thought it would be fun to document some things that impacted my life in one way or another this year. It will be interesting to see what I was enjoying in 2016 a few years from now.


I have always been a person that loves to create and loves every art form. Whether I am dancing, cooking, painting, or recreating characters with makeup I NEED to be creating something. Purchasing our professional camera this year really brought my love for capturing moments to life again. I remember walking around Rhode Island during a summer visit snapping photos of old churches with my polaroid. I was probably around 14 at the time. This year has reignited my passion for photography. Of course my kids are easy to photograph because they are beautiful but I really enjoy capturing natural elements. And the editing process is all new and exciting to me.

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I didn’t read as much as I would have liked this year as I was swept back into the late night netflix routine but I did read  a few.

`A Course in Miracles (I have revisited this many times and have yet to complete it but it is always good when I need a spiritual reboot)

`The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion – Many tears were shed but really gets you thinking about life, loved ones and time.

`The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls- Family dysfunction always makes for a fun read 😉


My playlist was pretty folk heavy this year. Soft, unoffensive music. That just made me sound mega old! But really when you have 3 boys you just need to put on some chill music to mellow the vibe in the house.

`Fruit Bats

`Alt J

`Xaviar Rudd.. have to get my reggae in there 

`Jake Bugg

`Bob Dylan ….always Bob Dylan

`Simon and Garfunkel…. a forever favorite 

`Angus and Julia Stone

`Wake Owl 

`have to add that our 3 year old has developed a love for Dave Matthews that makes us so proud! His favorite song is “Crash” and he sings every word.


I hate to admit that I was sucked back into the black hole that is Netflix but… it happened. I don’t sleep and this is what I do at 12am.  I got hooked on a few shows and they were all really good!

`Bloodline- That family dysfunction again. Makes for great TV

`The Crown- More Family drama but of the royal variety!

`Black Mirror- This show makes my head explode!

`Gilmore Girls…..I admit itThis is my guilty pleasure. I can’t stop. Its involuntary. I am so sucked into the word of Rory and Loralai that I sometimes forget its not reality!!!

There ya have it. My 2016.  Have  Happy New Year Folks!



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