Thrifted: Creating A Space We Love

Thrift stores take me back to a time when fitting in seemed necessary for high school survival but also never exactly felt natural to me. While most of my friends opted for trips to the mall for designer clothes, sunglasses and handbags, I was drawn to the wild, artsy streets of venice or the then always exciting 3rd street promenade. There I felt more at home. A crazy, young teen with hot pink hair and tattoos (that I got way too soon and with very little thought behind them) Rather than wearing Juicy sweat suits or whatever else was popular back then, I could be found wearing a bowling shirt with the name “Bob” or “Frank” stitched on the left pocket, a pair a Dickies, and some funky retro sunglasses. 

These days thrifting has taken on a completely different meaning but still brings me the same joy and excitement. Although its not at all new to me, it has now become something that my husband and I enjoy doing together. It has become a weekly thing that we look forward to when he is home from work. We look for unique items for our home and usually come across really cool classic toys for the kids (far better quality than most toys made today)  Since these stores receive new merch daily, the hunt for something really cool becomes the driving force behind all of our early morning trips. You don’t want to miss that ONE thing! It never ceases to amaze me what we are  able to find. Could be a vintage piece or something brand new that has never been opened. Really brings meaning to the saying “One mans trash is another mans treasure.” Oh and while on the subject of “trash” that is a misconception that Ive found comes up in discussions about where we get our “really cool things.” Just because they are pre owned, the items we take home are not dirty or stained or gross in any way! Although they are cleaned before they are put out on the shelves, we are very selective in what we buy and we also re clean these things again once we get home. Also like I said before a lot of the time we are able to find things that have never even been used! 

If you read my December Declutter post you may be thinking to yourself that weekly trips to the thrift store seems a bit counter productive if we are trying to clean out our home. Our efforts although focused on simplifying are also motivated by us wanting to create a space that we love. As we remove things that no longer serve us, our needs, or our lifestyle, we are bringing in items that we find beautiful, that we know will be used and that serve a purpose.We also like the idea of shopping second hand for environmental reasons. We donate things back into the community. Rather than buying new and throwing out the old we are keeping it in circulation.Which means less waste and less support for large manufacturers. From a financial stand point its more affordable than trying to redecorate your entire home with items bought in mainstream stores. It would be taking us a lot longer to finish!!

Check out some fun finds from our last haul. 

Padilla Ceramic Mugs worth $15.00 each paid $.75 each

Ceramic dish $1.00


Wicker $1.00 each



(my favorite!) Super cool mounted Beatles poster $1.00 for our sons hippie/music bedroom


Herbal Medicine Book $2.00


Wood U.S.A puzzle worth $15 paid $1.50


The Wind in the Willow/Scholastic text books @ $2.00 each

IMG_1418thrifted1     IMG_1432thrifted1

Dr. Seuss 4 puzzle set (brand new never opened ) worth $20.00 paid $2.00





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