The Library

Every time I step foot inside of a library (not going to lie, its been a while) I instantly become nostalgic for a time when the library was our only source for information. A time before computers, iPads, phones and kindles.When, in order to complete a school project, you needed to check out multiple books on the subject and do the research. I attended a Catholic school (K-5) with a giant library inside. The librarian was a really old woman with grey hair piled high in a messy bun on top of her head. Everyone thought she was a witch but she would smile when I walked past and I thought she was lovely. I remember being so excited on library day. It was always dark in there. Dusty, quiet and mysterious but filled with a certain magic. I recall there being an entire day dedicated to how to properly look for and check out a book. Something I’m pretty sure kids aren’t taught these days. These are things I want to keep alive. I want my kids to use these resources and not rely solely on technology. Since we have had so much snow lately, I thought what better time to take them and teach them and allow them to explore. This ended up being more fun than I could have ever imagined. My boys bonded and interacted like I have never seen before.My oldest took his brother around and showed him how to look for book. Once they both found books that they were interested in, we headed to the children’s area so that the baby could get out and crawl around.There were a ton of wooden toys and he enjoyed taking the books off of the shelves! The older boys found a Theatre box and put on a puppet show for their baby brother and some other little babes that had gathered. Cove also found this awesome coloring table which he scribbled all over but had a blast doing it. We were there for a couple of hours and there was never a moment of arguing or complaining or begging to go home (which with 3 kids is usually the case with at least one of them) When I said it was time to go, thats when I was met with resistance but after some coaxing, we made our way to the front desk. Cove (our 3 year old) felt really important when I told him that he could take the library card and check out the books. He also thought the receipt that magically appeared from a slot in  the middle of the desk was the coolest thing he had ever seen. On the way home we talked about how we have to take care of the books because they do not belong us which in some way makes them more special. We came home and read instead of turning on the tv. This definitely needs to become a more frequent thing in my house. Trips to the library I mean. Its great on snow days but I want my kids to enjoy this all year round.

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