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Where is my money going? Who am I supporting? These weren’t always questions that came to mind when making a purchase. It has really been within the past year that I have become more conscious about these matters. Making it a point to shop small as much as possible and shop thrift stores to recycle goods rather than increase the demand. Finding a small shop that also donates to a good cause is just icing on the cake.

About the shop:

A T-shirt is just a T-shirt right? Wrong! Not when the company behind the Tee is on a mission to spread the word about sustainable living, a slower way of life and an organization called The WFAN (Women’s food and AG Network.) I say t-shirt but thats definitely not all Magnolia Roots has to offer. They make mugs, totes, sweatshirts. Each one with a wonderful message! Support your local farmer, Save the bees, Go outside, Live the simple Life. So much positivity in each and every piece that is produced.

IMG_1759magrootscouple IMG_1767magrootscouple IMG_1772magrootscouple IMG_1773magrootscoupleIMG_1733magrootscouple IMG_1730magrootscouple

These shirts fit perfectly, wash well and are the most comfortable shirts we own. The sizes are unisex but as you can see both my husband and I were able to find a size that we are comfortable in. I love the fit of the small and my husbands XL was perfect. He likes his shirts a bit longer so they don’t ride up while he is working and thats exactly what he got with this shirt.

img_8878magnoliacoop img_8873magnoliacoop

(wild+free mama print no longer available)

What is the WFAN?

Women Food & AG Network is a community of women in sustainable agriculture. Their Mission? “To engage women in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system through individual and community power.” They exist to give women a voice in agricultural policy. To learn more about this amazing organization go to

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