Day Tripping : Ophir

Everyone loves a good ghost town right? Anyone that knows me, knows that I’ve always loved history. I want to know it all! It doesn’t matter if its a person, a building, a chair, I want to know the details of how it came to be.¬†Last Sunday we decided to take a little drive to visit the old mining town of Ophir. This was one of my favorite adventures to date. To be able visit a place so rich in history was a dream! Ive read about this town, seen pictures and now I got to see it all for myself!!!

IMG_3315 IMG_3309 IMG_3327

Ophir was once a pretty profitable¬†silver mining town. At its peak, the population was 6,000. There were saloons, brothels, hotels, stores, a post office, a town hall, a fire station along with homes built for the mining families. Most of these are still there today (along with some newer buildings.) This town was started in 1860 when soldiers came across indian silver mines, noticed that the indians were using silver and lead bullets and basically wanted a piece of the action. So they moved on in. This town was booming for awhile but all good things must come to an end I guess. By 1880 they had extracted everything they could and that was the end. pretty much everyone that has flooded in, left as quickly as they had entered. Leaving only 50 people. By the year 2000 the population had dwindled to 23 people. But almost everything is still there. The rusted mining cars, the town halls, the general store. You can look through the windows and see old pianos and desks where school took place. It really is like traveling back in time. But its eerily quiet. Besides the intense wind we experienced that day it was like having an entire town to yourself. I couldn’t help but wonder if people were watching us explore from windows that we weren’t aware of. Explain the history to the kids was also a big part of the fun.

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I absolutely plan on returning. Maybe when its warmer and we can walk around outside and really explore. But this was by far one of the most memorable days we have ever had.