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As most of you already know I am a huge supporter of small shops and  buy from them as often as I can. But when I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and finally update our living room, I knew that I was going to run into some trouble finding the exact items I wanted, in the decor style that I gravitate toward, on the budget I was working with. Pillows and Art were the two items I was most worried about as they tend to be on the pricier side. Mud cloth had been catching my eye for awhile but everything I was finding was well over $50 for each pillow and knowing that I needed at least 4 of them, I just couldn’t afford what I was looking for in the smaller shop market (even though I know the quality would have been far superior and well worth the price)

It was during a trip to Hobby Lobby late in October while picking up last minute pieces for our homemade Halloween costumes that I saw exactly what I had been searching for in their home decor section and above the pillows there it was…. that glorious 50% off sign. The wonderful thing about Hobby Lobby is that everything is half off at some point depending on the week. They rotate their sales each week  by department meaning that you can always get what you are looking for, on sale!! I find that their selection caters to so many styles.

That trip I ended up grabbing 4 pillows. I spotted 2 cactus prints that I knew were the exact pieces I needed to help fill the empty space on the wall above one of my couches but they weren’t on sale that day so I went back the following week, and picked them up. The pillows were originally $25 and I got them for just over $12. The Cactus prints were originally $20 and I got them for $10. Such a steal! Our living room is nowhere near being complete but these few items have brightened up the space and helped make it feel more like our home.


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