Four Generations: Establishing Family Bonds

A week spent with family. Something I have come to cherish more as Ive gotten older and had children. Watching my kids establish a relationship with my parents and grandparents evokes emotions that are hard for me to put into words.

Only after hitting my 30s did it become increasingly apparent to me how important it is to nourish and maintain relationships with family and friends. Especially  with those that are willing and wanting to do the same because I’ve also learned that, unfortunately,  sometimes thats not alway the case. Relationships of any kind can be fleeting. There were parts of my family that I didn’t get to see much of, for one reason or another,  as a child so to be able to change that pattern and provide my children with strong family bonds is extremely important to me.

All emotional blabber aside, this week was wonderful. My dad has visited a few times before but this was a first for my grandmother. I love introducing new  visitors to the beauty that  I have fallen in love with. Utah is such a magical place. We have yet to have a visitor who wasn’t in complete awe of the mountain views that surround us in every direction.

Although our Fall colors have come and gone, there is never a lack of beautiful scenery around here. So when my dad mentioned taking photos of the 4 oldest of each generation (My grandma was the oldest in her family, my dad is the oldest of his siblings, so on and so forth) We knew exactly where these photos needed to take place. This park is one of our favorites. It has been the gathering place for many birthday parties and the backdrop of most family photos.

We were all sad when the week inevitably came to an end. We may or may not have shed a few tears but look forward to this being one of many visits to come.


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