Weekend Chronicles: Adventure for Healing

We have always been firm believers in nature aiding in the healing process. No matter what we have going on, the answer always seems to be “Lets take a drive.” Fresh air and a change of scenery can make all the difference when sick. In fact, its been proven that being out in nature boosts your immune system as well as your spirits and lets face it, those two go hand in hand.

So once we were through the pain and over all hell that arrived in the form of a stomach bug and took over our entire house, we hit the road! Not too far. Just a 45 minute drive from our house brought us to the snow we have been longing for all winter and a renewed sense of well being. This is a place we frequently visit in the spring and summer as it is the home of my favorite campground as well as this adorable lodge with attached mercantile and restaurant. Cabins line the road on both sides that eventually opens to a beautiful lake. Just as my husband had hoped, the lake was  frozen and the kids were ecstatic. How cool is it to walk on water!! They even came across some open fishing holes and were able to look down below the ice, hoping to see fish of course.

White was all we saw for miles. It was peaceful, refreshing and exactly what we needed. Not to mention that there is no cell service in this area which kind of adds to the appeal for me. We snapped photos, ate the candy we had purchased from the mercantile and played in the snow until we were frozen. Seat heaters came in handy on the way home 😉


Get outside!! Take a drive and never stop exploring!!

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