Bringing home baby number 3!


Bowie Fox aka Baby Bo Blue!! Born March 18, 2016.

This little guy has the sweetest personality. He has such a gentle spirit, the deepest blue eyes and the biggest smile (which made an appearance very early on). We are so in love. He completes our family and our hearts are so full.

Okay, so I planned on writing this months ago.Two and a half months ago to be exact. I thought I would come home from the hospital, figure out my new routine as a mom of 3 and that would be that! Well, thats not at all how it went down. It seems that I was not ready. I thought I was ready guys! I figured I had it all figured out. I had done this twice before. Easy! Oh man was I wrong. Yes. I knew how to care for a newborn. There are the usual things that I had prepared for. Lack of sleep, late night feedings, early morning feedings…. pretty much breastfeeding for what seemed like my entire day. No problem! I figured my toddler would go through some emotional and behavioral changes while adjusting to the new kid in town and perhaps my pre teen would as well. All of these things happened but it seemed as though we were blessed with a miracle baby. He was so mellow! He barely ever cried. He ate every 2 hours, pooped and slept in between.


Days went by. People visited (not that I clearly remember any of this because I was walking around in a constant fog) Husband went back to work. Visitors left. This is around the time that everything turned upside down. My toddler at this point was refusing to sleep in his own bed. He now preferred the couch. He also started throwing some major tantrums and did not like the fact that he had to share mommy during nap time. I also started noticing that Bowie was crying a lot more than usual. My first son was colicky and my second had acid reflux so I figured it must be one of the 2. Before I was able to get him into the doctor, I experienced one of the scariest days of my life. During one of Bowies screaming fits, all of a sudden, he arched his back in a way I had never seen and stayed that way. His eyes crossed and they stayed that way. This lasted for what seemed like an eternity and being as exhausted as I was I really did not have the emotional strength to deal. I called my husband and made him come home from work because at this point, I was sure the baby had had a seizure. His body eventually relaxed ( I, on the other hand, did not) When we got him in to the doctor he diagnosed him with 1. acid reflux and 2. He said that Bowie had something called Sandifer Syndrome. I had never heard of this before but I was told that it occurs in less than 1% of babies. This condition from what I understand, is a reaction to the Acid reflux. The baby will spasm in a response to the pain they are experiencing. From what I have read there isn’t too much known as to why some babies react this way and others do not. All I know is that I was happy that we were able to diagnose him as quickly as we did and that it wasn’t something much more serious. We were given medicine for the acid reflux which in turn, stopped that spasms from occurring.


I know so many moms have it way worse and there are kids who suffer with some horrific things. We are truly blessed. Within a day or two he was back to smiling and resting peacefully without being in any pain. His big brothers were no longer afraid to hold him although I still can’t get my oldest to change a diaper. 🙂


Things are still crazy but in a much more normal way lol. Life with 3 boys is going to be insane, thats not going to change, but I have managed to figure out somewhat of a routine. The other boys have accepted their new little brother and are great helpers. Cove (2yrs) loves holding Bowie’s bottle, burping him, and is so proud of himself when he can make his baby smile.Jordan (12yrs) is always ready to  hold the babe. He is as patient as a pre teen can be with 2 little brothers.


I am so in love with my family! I have the coolest kids on earth and love watching each of them develop their own personalities.