Nomadic Hearts Clothing Co.

I love when the universe makes things easy and guides you directly to someone you were meant to connect with. That is what happened as I was scrolling instagram one day and came across the page of this beautiful gypsy soul. Come to find out, she was starting a clothing line that spoke directly to my heart. A line based on adventure, the need to wander and explore, mountain life and living wild and free!!  I had to reach out to this beautiful human and learn more.

You already know that I am a sucker for small shops. Especially when they donate to a great cause. Which of course is the mission of Allison and Nomadic Hearts. She will be giving 10% of all proceeds to The Humane League. The mission of The Humane League is to reduce the amount of animal suffering and to bring awareness about how we can make a difference. To learn more visit their

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I was so excited to receive my Be Wild tank in the mail. It is so soft and comfortable and gets softer as you wash it. I got a size small and it fits loose and a little baggy which I love. I cannot wait to see more designs and styles from this line. I will absolutely end up owning all of them. There is definitely a long sleeve that needs to make its way to my closet and a new design in the works that I’m already obsessing over.

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Always remember to Be Wild and Find Your Adventure!

Happy Sunday loves.


Rice Love: Buy A Bag, Feed A Family

“Unless we are willing to encourage our children to reconnect with and appreciate the natural world, we can’t expect them to protect and care for it.” David Suzuki .

IMG_1678ricelove IMG_1682ricelove IMG_1677ricelove

We are an adventurous, nature loving family. For the past month or so we have all been experiencing a longing for the outdoors. As much as we love the snow, this has seemed like one of the longest winters. Much more snow than last year. A lot of days spent indoors staring out our living room window willing the sun to come out for just a moment. When its not snowing we take full advantage. Although our options are slightly limited this time of year, we still try to take our drives up the canyon to hike and explore.

During the warmer months you can always find us camping, hiking and taking as many day trips as we can fit into our schedule. We are literally counting down the days until we can experience all of our favorite outdoor activities again.

As a mom and adventurer I am always on the look out for a good bag. One that can fit everything I need, is comfortable and also  fits our style. So when I came across Rice Love Bags I was ecstatic. These bags are gorgeous beyond words. The colors bring warmth to the coldest days. I was first drawn to the bohemian vibe of their appearance but as I read more about the company I knew that this was a brand I could get behind.

Their Mission:

Rice Love is working to provide for families in need. In India 37% of people live below the world poverty line. This leads to poor health, disease and death. So, for every item purchased from their site, one kilo of rice is given to a family in need. If 100 pieces are sold, that means 100 kilos of rice are donated! They give 20 kilos of rice at a time which will last a family about a month. They are currently giving to India and Nepal but plan on expanding very soon. The coolest part about all of this is that with your bag you receive a tag with a number on it. That number is linked to the family that you have helped by making that purchase. I have really enjoyed sharing this with my children. They were so interested to know where the bag came from and loved the idea of helping another family. They instantly wanted to hop online and buy more bags.

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About the Bag:

Each bag is a unique, handmade piece of art! As the name states, these bags are made from rice bags and then transformed into something so beautiful. When I first received my bag I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to fit in it. Well it turns out that I can basically fit my entire life in it. I have actually made this my diaper bag and take it with me everywhere. I can fit diapers, wipes, spare clothes, food, books, toys. Literally everything I need. There are also side pockets that allow me to carry both a bottle and a cup for my younger children. The draw string makes it easy to open and close and keeps everything secure. Ever since this bag showed up on my doorstep it has come with me everywhere. It was my adventure backpack on our recent day trip to Bryce Canyon and also my carry on when I traveled back east this past week. I don’t know how I ever managed without it.

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Magnolia Roots Co.

Where is my money going? Who am I supporting? These weren’t always questions that came to mind when making a purchase. It has really been within the past year that I have become more conscious about these matters. Making it a point to shop small as much as possible and shop thrift stores to recycle goods rather than increase the demand. Finding a small shop that also donates to a good cause is just icing on the cake.

About the shop:

A T-shirt is just a T-shirt right? Wrong! Not when the company behind the Tee is on a mission to spread the word about sustainable living, a slower way of life and an organization called The WFAN (Women’s food and AG Network.) I say t-shirt but thats definitely not all Magnolia Roots has to offer. They make mugs, totes, sweatshirts. Each one with a wonderful message! Support your local farmer, Save the bees, Go outside, Live the simple Life. So much positivity in each and every piece that is produced.

IMG_1759magrootscouple IMG_1767magrootscouple IMG_1772magrootscouple IMG_1773magrootscoupleIMG_1733magrootscouple IMG_1730magrootscouple

These shirts fit perfectly, wash well and are the most comfortable shirts we own. The sizes are unisex but as you can see both my husband and I were able to find a size that we are comfortable in. I love the fit of the small and my husbands XL was perfect. He likes his shirts a bit longer so they don’t ride up while he is working and thats exactly what he got with this shirt.

img_8878magnoliacoop img_8873magnoliacoop

(wild+free mama print no longer available)

What is the WFAN?

Women Food & AG Network is a community of women in sustainable agriculture. Their Mission? “To engage women in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system through individual and community power.” They exist to give women a voice in agricultural policy. To learn more about this amazing organization go to

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