I Won A Giveaway!! Sharing the Amazing Shops Involved!!

We all must scroll past about 100 giveaways a day on Instagram. There are very few that I actually take part in. Unless I really love the shops that are involved. Well that was the case with this recent giveaway that I entered. It was hosted by two of my favorite Insta mamas, @Jacquelinesarahh and @senaenelson, whom I just adore. (They really are the sweetest with the most adorable babes) and the prizes were all incredibly beautiful and matched my home decor perfectly. Since I have been working to finish up my living room (among many other areas of my house) I decided it couldn’t hurt. I never expected to win so when I  opened my Instagram to that announcement I nearly jumped through my ceiling.

As the packages started rolling in last week I was even more blown away by the quality of each item. Everything being handcrafted ethically and locally in California. You all know that I am big on supporting Small Shops!

I have spent the past few days rearranging each item trying to decide where I want each piece to be placed. The task made harder by the fact that my Christmas tree is taking up a good portion of my wall space at the moment. But I decided to snap a few photos anyway.

Odessa & Sons Ill start with something that ended up being for our youngest babe. When I saw that I would be receiving indigo shibori dyed pillow cases from Odessa & Sons, I was over the moon. We are in the process of switching around our kids bedrooms. Our 4 year old is getting a “big boy bedroom” for Christmas which means , by default, our youngest will now have his own room and a big boy bed! I had already chosen indigo shibori bedding for him before this giveaway even existed so that should explain my excitement. All products from Odessa & Sons are hand dyed, using natural dyes , in San Diego, Ca. Check out more hand dyed goods on their website HERE or follow on Instagram

Radical Soul Collective This layered tassel and driftwood wall hanging is by Radical Soul Collective and I am basically in love. The craftsmanship of this piece is so beautiful, creative and unique. This look so dreamy hanging in my living room. Its the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. Its simple but still makesI  a big enough statement to stand on its own. Check out their Etsy shop and Instagram

Sunday Makers I am obsessed with mud cloth and also throw pillows. Put them together and you’ve made me the happiest woman on earth. Its almost as if Sunday Makers knew exactly what I needed when they sent me this pillow. I currently have all cream colored pillows on my couch but black…. its just too good! I have been eyeballing black mud cloth pillows for awhile so this beauty came at just the right time! Merry Christmas to me!! All items by Sunday Makers are made from locally and ethically sourced textiles in Oakland, Ca. Check them out on Instagram 

Madre Handmade This adorable little banner has been floating around my house because I love it so much and can’t decide where it needs to stay. So for now it may just have a new home every day! Including my Christmas tree. This piece speaks for itself. The message is so sweet, as are all of the banners made by Madre Handmade. I actually had a hard time choosing one because I kind of want them all. These banners are handmade by a sweet mama of 3 in Ramona, Ca. You Can find more of her work on her Etsy Shop and her Instagram

Lumitory The last item just makes me so very happy. For the longest time our walls were bare! I mean literally nothing on them. One because we were having trouble agreeing on art or images we both loved and two because  I am terrible about getting our pictures printed. Finally I found these simple black and white cactus prints at hobby lobby so that was a start. Then I received this amazing poster from Lumitory which couldn’t have matched more perfectly. Its simple and just fits the vibe of our home. Check out their website and instagram !!

Nomadic Hearts Clothing Co.

I love when the universe makes things easy and guides you directly to someone you were meant to connect with. That is what happened as I was scrolling instagram one day and came across the page of this beautiful gypsy soul. Come to find out, she was starting a clothing line that spoke directly to my heart. A line based on adventure, the need to wander and explore, mountain life and living wild and free!!  I had to reach out to this beautiful human and learn more.

You already know that I am a sucker for small shops. Especially when they donate to a great cause. Which of course is the mission of Allison and Nomadic Hearts. She will be giving 10% of all proceeds to The Humane League. The mission of The Humane League is to reduce the amount of animal suffering and to bring awareness about how we can make a difference. To learn more visit their http://thehumaneleague.com

nomadichearts-2 nomadichearts-3nomadichearts-5 nomadichearts-6 nomadichearts-9 nomadichearts-15 nomadichearts-16 nomadichearts-17 nomadichearts-18

I was so excited to receive my Be Wild tank in the mail. It is so soft and comfortable and gets softer as you wash it. I got a size small and it fits loose and a little baggy which I love. I cannot wait to see more designs and styles from this line. I will absolutely end up owning all of them. There is definitely a long sleeve that needs to make its way to my closet and a new design in the works that I’m already obsessing over.

Please be sure to follow Nomadic Hearts Clothing Co. on Instagram

and check out the website to shop (you may see a familiar face!)

use code: bohemianandbarefoot to receive 10% off of your order!

Always remember to Be Wild and Find Your Adventure!

Happy Sunday loves.


Timeless Love with Jord Watches

Love is timeless. It’s the memory of yesterday, the happiness of today and the promise of tomorrow.IMG_1913watch IMG_2483watch IMG_2488watch IMG_2491watch IMG_2503watch IMG_2538watch

We usually don’t go crazy for Valentine’s Day but this year I really wanted to give my husband something that represented our love and our life together. I racked my brain for ideas on what the perfect gift would be. My husband works hard, he doesn’t really care for material things like clothes or shoes. He loves nature and all things outdoors. Ive mentioned a watch to him in the past and he didn’t seem to excited about the idea of them. But then I came across these beautiful watches made of wood and instantly knew that this was the perfect gift that I had been searching for. It not only had the sentiment I was hoping to express but it is made from natural materials which is always a plus for a nature loving man!!

This watch that I chose for my husband has a beautiful walnut band with a jet black face. I love the deep chocolate brown color of this wood and mixed with the black it can be worn with anything. It is so modern but classic at the same time. Jord offers a variety of styles for men and women. There is literally something for everyone for every occasion.

To check out their women’s shop click Here

To check out more from their mens shop click Here

For the watch pictured above click Here

Thats not all! Jord was kind enough to offer my readers a gift! You have the chance to win a $100 gift code toward your own unique watch. But we want everyone to walk away with something so every entrant gets a $25 gift code just for entering the giveaway. All you have to do is follow this LINK and fill out the form. Thats it! This contest ends February 19, 2017 and your gift codes will be good until April 30th 2017.

Good luck guys! My husband loves this watch more than I (or he) ever thought he would. This is such a great gift for any holiday, birthday, or even a “just because” for any special person in your life…even yourself!

Have a happy Valentine’s Day my loves.




Rice Love: Buy A Bag, Feed A Family

“Unless we are willing to encourage our children to reconnect with and appreciate the natural world, we can’t expect them to protect and care for it.” David Suzuki .

IMG_1678ricelove IMG_1682ricelove IMG_1677ricelove

We are an adventurous, nature loving family. For the past month or so we have all been experiencing a longing for the outdoors. As much as we love the snow, this has seemed like one of the longest winters. Much more snow than last year. A lot of days spent indoors staring out our living room window willing the sun to come out for just a moment. When its not snowing we take full advantage. Although our options are slightly limited this time of year, we still try to take our drives up the canyon to hike and explore.

During the warmer months you can always find us camping, hiking and taking as many day trips as we can fit into our schedule. We are literally counting down the days until we can experience all of our favorite outdoor activities again.

As a mom and adventurer I am always on the look out for a good bag. One that can fit everything I need, is comfortable and also  fits our style. So when I came across Rice Love Bags I was ecstatic. These bags are gorgeous beyond words. The colors bring warmth to the coldest days. I was first drawn to the bohemian vibe of their appearance but as I read more about the company I knew that this was a brand I could get behind.

Their Mission:

Rice Love is working to provide for families in need. In India 37% of people live below the world poverty line. This leads to poor health, disease and death. So, for every item purchased from their site, one kilo of rice is given to a family in need. If 100 pieces are sold, that means 100 kilos of rice are donated! They give 20 kilos of rice at a time which will last a family about a month. They are currently giving to India and Nepal but plan on expanding very soon. The coolest part about all of this is that with your bag you receive a tag with a number on it. That number is linked to the family that you have helped by making that purchase. I have really enjoyed sharing this with my children. They were so interested to know where the bag came from and loved the idea of helping another family. They instantly wanted to hop online and buy more bags.

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset
Processed with VSCO with f3 presetIMG_2080 IMG_2292ricelovebryce IMG_2302ricelovebryce  IMG_2311ricelovebryceIMG_2297ricelovebryce

About the Bag:

Each bag is a unique, handmade piece of art! As the name states, these bags are made from rice bags and then transformed into something so beautiful. When I first received my bag I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to fit in it. Well it turns out that I can basically fit my entire life in it. I have actually made this my diaper bag and take it with me everywhere. I can fit diapers, wipes, spare clothes, food, books, toys. Literally everything I need. There are also side pockets that allow me to carry both a bottle and a cup for my younger children. The draw string makes it easy to open and close and keeps everything secure. Ever since this bag showed up on my doorstep it has come with me everywhere. It was my adventure backpack on our recent day trip to Bryce Canyon and also my carry on when I traveled back east this past week. I don’t know how I ever managed without it.

Make sure to follow Rice Love on:


and head over to www.ricelove.org to get yourself one of these beautiful one of a kind bags and support a wonderful cause!!





Magnolia Roots Co.

Where is my money going? Who am I supporting? These weren’t always questions that came to mind when making a purchase. It has really been within the past year that I have become more conscious about these matters. Making it a point to shop small as much as possible and shop thrift stores to recycle goods rather than increase the demand. Finding a small shop that also donates to a good cause is just icing on the cake.

About the shop:

A T-shirt is just a T-shirt right? Wrong! Not when the company behind the Tee is on a mission to spread the word about sustainable living, a slower way of life and an organization called The WFAN (Women’s food and AG Network.) I say t-shirt but thats definitely not all Magnolia Roots has to offer. They make mugs, totes, sweatshirts. Each one with a wonderful message! Support your local farmer, Save the bees, Go outside, Live the simple Life. So much positivity in each and every piece that is produced.

IMG_1759magrootscouple IMG_1767magrootscouple IMG_1772magrootscouple IMG_1773magrootscoupleIMG_1733magrootscouple IMG_1730magrootscouple

These shirts fit perfectly, wash well and are the most comfortable shirts we own. The sizes are unisex but as you can see both my husband and I were able to find a size that we are comfortable in. I love the fit of the small and my husbands XL was perfect. He likes his shirts a bit longer so they don’t ride up while he is working and thats exactly what he got with this shirt.

img_8878magnoliacoop img_8873magnoliacoop

(wild+free mama print no longer available)

What is the WFAN?

Women Food & AG Network is a community of women in sustainable agriculture. Their Mission? “To engage women in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system through individual and community power.” They exist to give women a voice in agricultural policy. To learn more about this amazing organization go to http://www.wfan.org/about/

Make sure to follow Magnolia Roots Co. on:



and check out the shop



Freshly Picked: The Must Have Children’s Shoe

img_8715freshlypicked img_8943fphay img_8752freshlypicked img_8981fphay

There is something very special about a babies first pair of shoes. Its seems to come up so quickly. They are wearing cute little fluffy socks and before you now it they are starting to crawl and walking around in their walkers needing protection for their little toes. I always have a hard time getting rid of my children’s first pair even long past them being too small. I am sure I am not the only parent who is a little picky when it comes to buying my kids shoes. Whether they are a babies first pair, for an early walker or for your toddler. kids shoes need to have certain qualities.

  1. They need to be comfortable
  2. They need to be easy to put on
  3. They have to be functional
  4. They need to hold up to everyday wear and tear
  5. and of course they absolutely have to be CUTE!

img_8806freshlypicked img_8720freshlypicked

Well Freshly Picked moccasins are all of those thing! Let me tell you why that is. The creator of these adorable baby moccasins designed them from a moms perspective. She was not satisfied by what she was finding for her kids on the market so she decided to create her own!! What better way to insure the quality and function that you (and every mom) need. This soon developed into a small business that is now a very successful and extremely popular brand.

img_8977fphay img_8974fphay img_8962fphay img_8932fphay

These shoes are so popular because they are literally perfect. They fit true to size with room to grow.My children tend to have extremely wide and chubby little feet so it can be difficult to find shoes that fit them properly but I have no problem with our moccasins.  The leather is soft and flexible which makes it easy for a baby to move around while still being able to feel the floor. This is so important when they are first starting to test the waters and transition into their first steps. They are also made with a stretchy elastic band around the ankle that makes it so easy to put on yet keeps baby from being able to pull them off!!(As kids get older it tends to be an ordeal trying to put their shoes on so they really do need to be easy!!) FP’s  style selection is endless! I think they are made in every color and pattern under the sun so no matter what your style is I am positive their is something for everyone.

img_8912-1fphay img_8938-1fphay

Freshly picked offers shoes for all ages. Their moccs fit up until about 4 years (Depending on shoe size of course.) Their  “Next Step” hard soled shoes are great for older kids. Another thing I love about them is how versatile they are. Shoes can get expensive! Especially when you have more than one child. You really don’t want to be buying a different shoe for every occasion. These can be worn casual but can also be dressed up.

img_8726freshlypicked img_8718freshlypicked

Make sure you follow Freshly Picked on their social media accounts for some exciting things over this Holiday Season.



and check out their website.

They will be having a Black Tuesday sale on November 22!! This is huge and has only happened once before. So you really dont want to miss it.  Everything on their website will be 25% off and they are offering free shipping on orders over $49. Seriously such an amazing deal and a great time to stock up Moccs for your babes or gifts for friends.


Also, if you don’t already , follow me on Instagram for some more excitement happening within the next few days 🙂


Small Shop Sundays: BinkyBro

img_4868 img_8852-2 img_4864

This week , I am so excited to feature not only a local brand, but one that I have fallen in love with and have come to depend on. Today I am talking about these adorable hats by Binky Bro!!

When we first received our hat, I loved it immediately. I thought it was such a cute idea to make flat billed hats for babies. I had no clue how much I would actually be using it! It has become a go to accessory. I  take it with us everywhere for when we are outdoors and I need to protect his little head and face from the sun.


He wears it out in yard while he watches his older brothers play. He wears it on hikes. He even wore it to the demolition derby and fell asleep in it! lol

img_4663 img_4667 img_8799

The Shop: Binky Bro

Binky Bro was established in 2015 by a husband and wife team in Utah! They built this company based on their love of hats. Upon the birth of their baby boy, they realized it was not easy to find a flat billed hat for babies. They decided to take matters into their own hands and make their own.

The Product: Baby Flat Billed Hats

These hats are amazing quality, come in a variety of patterns and are comfortable to wear (at least it seems that way. The babe hasn’t actually expressed this lol but he wears it for long periods of time with no problem.) They are made to fit babies anywhere from approx. 5-14 months in age, of course depending on head size. All hats have a snapback allowing them to fit multiple sizes. My son is 5 months old and has a giant head! It is usually hard to find hats that fit him but this one is great.

Contact and where to buy:

You can follow them on Instagram. To purchase a hat for your little, visit their website!!


Small Shop Sundays: JoyalTee

IMG_4554 IMG_4553 IMG_4549 IMG_4369 IMG_4368 IMG_4307 IMG_4295 IMG_4294 IMG_4231

I am super excited about this post as it is the first in my Small Shop Sundays series. As I delved deeper into the world of Instagram, I realized that there’s a multitude of businesses out there that are amazing and that are run by some pretty bad a** mamas! Be it clothing, blankets, shoes, bibs, bows, home decor there is a shop for everything and I found myself wanting to follow them all and questioning how I had never heard of them before. I decided that I wanted to get the word out about as many of these businesses as I could and also about the super woman mamas who created them.

One of the first amazing mompreneurs I wanted to feature is someone that I had heard about through a friend and I found her Line and the basis behind it, extremely cool. I guess you could say that this line is kind of what motivated me to start this series. So let me introduce you to Alix of JoyalTee!!

The Shop: JoyalTee

Joyaltee is a line of upcycled, handmade kids clothes. The main focus being these unbelievably cool harem pants. Whats so cool about them?? These pants are all one of kind and made from recycled t-shirts!!! The large picture from the shirt (logo, band name, picture) ends up on the childs bum which is so cute!! They are so soft and fit perfectly. The pair that I have for my 5 month old (we got the size 6-9mo and they are a perfect fit) were made from a white shirt that Alix and her husband hand dyed and they are gorgeous. The lighter or white t- shirts are turned into these beautiful tie dyed pants. They are also made with a cuff at the bottom so if they happen to be too long, you can easily roll the cuff which is what I have done meaning that my baby can wear them longer!! I don’t just love how these pants look and feel but I love that they are recycled therefore making them eco friendly and sustainable fashion.

The Creator: Alix 

Alix is a WAHM with 2 beautiful babes. This company was started from her love of sewing and her desire to make her own kids cool, funky one of kind clothing. This gave her the opportunity to be creative and allowed her to stay home with her children. Alix studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and has been sewing for over 25years!!

Contact and where to buy:

You can follow JoyalTee on  instagram and they have weekly sales on their joyaltee sale page. You can also check out their etsy account which does sell out quickly!! There will also be an E commerce site coming soon so keep your eye out for that!!

Go follow this amazing brand an get your kids some one of kind super funky pants!!!!