Weekend Chronicles: Adventure for Healing

We have always been firm believers in nature aiding in the healing process. No matter what we have going on, the answer always seems to be “Lets take a drive.” Fresh air and a change of scenery can make all the difference when sick. In fact, its been proven that being out in nature boosts your immune system as well as your spirits and lets face it, those two go hand in hand.

So once we were through the pain and over all hell that arrived in the form of a stomach bug and took over our entire house, we hit the road! Not too far. Just a 45 minute drive from our house brought us to the snow we have been longing for all winter and a renewed sense of well being. This is a place we frequently visit in the spring and summer as it is the home of my favorite campground as well as this adorable lodge with attached mercantile and restaurant. Cabins line the road on both sides that eventually opens to a beautiful lake. Just as my husband had hoped, the lake was  frozen and the kids were ecstatic. How cool is it to walk on water!! They even came across some open fishing holes and were able to look down below the ice, hoping to see fish of course.

White was all we saw for miles. It was peaceful, refreshing and exactly what we needed. Not to mention that there is no cell service in this area which kind of adds to the appeal for me. We snapped photos, ate the candy we had purchased from the mercantile and played in the snow until we were frozen. Seat heaters came in handy on the way home 😉


Get outside!! Take a drive and never stop exploring!!

Weekend Chronicles: Thanksgiving

We have had pretty consistent flow of house guests over the past few months. Which always leaves my emotional state sitting somewhere between completely overjoyed and a frazzled ball of stress and anxiety. We love company and hosting in our home. My stress comes from that internal nagging that I can’t seem to quiet. “The house is a mess. Our kids will wake the guests too early in the morning. We aren’t finished with renovations.” You know, that sort of thing. What does “finished” mean anyway? Will my home ever be in such a state that I won’t feel the need to change or rearrange something? No. Probably not. So all of the stress seems to be a huge waste of time. Funny how I can rationally express this after the fact.

But once guests arrive, the insanity subsides and a smooth flow carries the rest of their visit. Our most recent visitors, long time friends from LA,  always feel very comfortable in our home. The reason for that being that we once all lived together. A few years back we shared a four bedroom home in Los Angeles. So when they come into town there is a very natural routine that seems to pick up where we left off in 2014. Although 2 children have been added to the mix since then 😉 I think we all learned, this trip, that staying up until 2am reminiscing is something we can’t do anymore!

This will be the second Thanksgiving that they have made the drive from LA to Utah. As much as we love having the big Thanksgiving celebration with my husbands family, which is usually the case, we love hosting our own even more.   Cooking that giant meal is something we take great pride in.

If I had to choose a theme for this years celebration it would have to be “simple.” We kept the menu small and traditional. The entire day had a very laid back vibe. No rushing. No forcing the kids to wear nice clothes that would only end up covered in gravy and mashed potatoes. Matching olive colored overalls were the outfits of choice for my little ones.  We moved slowly through our morning. After brining the turkey  over night (my husband has been perfecting this brine for years and it makes for some of the most delicious turkey I have ever tasted!), we started to cook early afternoon and all was finished by 3pm. We couldn’t have asked for better weather so rather than attempt to drag the kids indoors, we brought our party outside and ate Thanksgiving dinner, sans shoes, at our pallet table in the backyard. A giant cable spool made for the perfect kids table (which we somehow failed to photograph) I find a certain appeal and warmth in everyone gathered on the floor around that rustic old table, barefoot and blissfully full! Our favorite teen even helped with the dishes which I have documented below 😉


The weekend began as we all sluggishly  moved through Friday in a food induced coma (yet we still decided pie was an acceptable breakfast choice) The day continued with a few toddler tantrums, a trip to the park and a last minute decision to decorate our tree together before they hit the road late that evening.


My husband even whipped up a quick parting gift for Jenny after admiring our stocking hanger 😉

We used our Saturday to reorganize and declutter. The idea of decluttering before Christmas is something I started last year and touched on briefly in this post. We told Cove that he could donate toys that he no longer played with to kids who didn’t have as much. He found this idea super exciting was happy to put together a box.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Diamond Fork

Whether we chose the mountains or they chose us is still undecided but either way we piled into the car and drove, no specific destination in mind. It had been a long while since we had done this. Exploring new and interesting places and checking them off of our “must see” list one by one. A weekly occurrence turned monthly then not at all. Despite our promise to not allow meaningless adult distractions and stressors to get in the way of our memory making!! Lets be real, life happens. No point in beating ourselves up about it. We move forward and pick up where we left off.

Not sure what made this particular day any different. Maybe a bit of cabin fever. Maybe the allure of a cloudy grey sky that promised great photo lighting 🙂 Maybe a little of both. Whatever the motivation, we packed our camera, snacks, some extra jackets and hit the road. A 30 minute drive south brought us through Spanish Fork Canyon. Never one to take the same route twice, my husband chose Diamond Fork Canyon as the side road to explore. We parked and let the kids run around a beautiful campground (which we will be returning to in warmer months). They climbed, jumped in puddles, attempted to restore a birds nest and collected rocks. We even set up the tripod for a family picture. Our oldest, having recently shown an interest and an eye for photography, snapped some photos of my husband and I which I am completely in love with.  Im hoping this is an interest he continues to foster.

On the way home, before exiting the canyon, the smell of sulfur filled our car. The kids complained about it until we explained to them where it was coming from. We had come across the most beautiful, crystal blue water and realized that the water was flowing from a natural hot springs just a few feet ahead. Add this to our list of must see places.