Day Tripping: Bryce Canyon

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This has been a pretty harsh winter with very little activity. I wish I could say that no mater the weather we still get out and adventure but that really isn’t the case. My husband and I used to pride ourselves on how we could just get up and go. No destination. Just a car full of camping gear and a desire to explore. I feel like with each child the number of spontaneous road trips has lessened but I don’t think it needs to stay that way. After sitting indoors for days this winter, the moment that snow let up I was ready to hit the road. My husband was all for it of course. We chose Bryce Canyon as our destination. Its only 3.5 hours from our house and it really is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The kids had so much fun looking out at these amazing structures and also learning about the National Park in the booklet we received on our way in. The only down side to visiting places in the winter is that a lot of the roads are closed. I cannot wait to go back in the spring when more roads are open and we can camp and stay for a longer period of time. But this definitely put our minds back in that place and time when a day trip or over night camp trip was no big deal and happened almost every weekend! Living in Utah means that we are surrounded by beauty and now that our youngest is a bit older I think this summer is going to be filled with adventure. Kids shouldn’t mean less trips. In fact it should be the opposite. I want them to see the world!!